Tree Fundraiser | Cornerstone Christian Academy

Tree Fundraiser

If you are interested in adding trees to your property this spring, or know of someone who is, we can assist.

Only $20 for a bundle of 10 trees!

The trees have arrived and are ready to be planted! Purchase one of our remaining species:
60 White Pine
60 White Cedar
100 White Spruce
100 Tamarack
The Norway Spruce is now SOLD OUT.

Email to buy your trees today!

Please make sure to carefully read payment instructions, especially if you are using E-TRANSFER.

We have a limited amount of each variety of tree available to us.
Sales will be received on a first come, first served basis. Payment will need to be received in order to secure your order.

We will do our best as sales progress to let people know as we get close to our limit.
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