Mrs. Mutch

Mrs. Mutch

I had the opportunity to grow up in a Christian home, and I have lived in the Napanee area my entire life. Becoming a teacher was my lifelong dream; I can remember having no other career ambition. My husband and I have three grown children, and we have recently taken on the exciting title of ‘grandparents’. 

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees from Queen’s University. I then spent ten years teaching in the public board.  However, when my own children reached school age, I realised I wanted something different for them, so I resigned and co-founded Cornerstone Christian Academy.  Serving as both teacher and principal has been busy but so very rewarding.  No words can describe the feeling when you hear a child’s earnest prayer or witness an entire class break out in an unplanned worship song to the Lord. 

I have seen the differences Christian Education can make in the lives of families. Some of our students are now second generation ‘Cornerstone kids’.  It is exciting to have three of Cornerstone’s graduates back with us serving as teachers!  

Throughout my teaching career, I have taught all grades from kindergarten to grade 8.  Each grade has its own rewards and challenges.  In the past few years, I have been using my Special Education training to assist children who have IEPs. 

In an attempt to prepare students for secondary school, I enjoy talks with them about peer pressures, humanistic views, and our roles as servants for God.  I am a firm believer that if we can teach children to become strong leaders, with a love for Christ, they are less likely to fall to negative peer pressure and false teachings.  Each student that passes through the doors of Cornerstone becomes a part of my life.  They are on my mind and in my prayers.  God has a unique plan for every child, and it is an honour to help children find their way with Christ as their chief cornerstone.

Teacher/Principal:  Mrs. Pamela Mutch, BA, BEd, OCT
Teaches:  Administration, Resource
Attends:  Evangel Temple (Napanee, ON)