At Cornerstone, reading is taught phonetically beginning in Junior Kindergarten, using the ABeka curriculum. Students work on their oral reading and comprehension skills.  In literature classes, students explore both read-a-louds and independent reading, including novel studies and school readers.

   Students will learn grammar and spelling, in addition to penmanship (manuscript and cursive). They will practice
   writing skills which include paragraph formation such as descriptive, expository, persuasive, thesis formation,
  essay writing, poetry, research reporting, and more. Students often have the opportunity to submit piece of
   their written works to various contests (ie. Women's Christian Temperance Union, the Legion) and frequently
   win locally, provincially and even nationally!



Nathan Mills Memorial Library:

Cornerstone has a well stocked library to help students discover a love of reading. The library also organizes Scholastic book orders for students to purchase their own books; this helps to provide new books for our library.