Math and Problem Solving

Students will learn Math using the ABeka curriculum from JK to grade 8. Lessons integrate the five math strands implemented by the Ontario Ministry of Education:

  • Number Sense and Numeration
  • Data Management and Probability
  • Geometry and Spacial Sense
  • Measurement (both metric and imperial)
  • Patterning and Algebra

In addition to daily math classes, the teachers lead Problem Solving, classes to further develop math skills.

Primary grades begin with memorization of basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), use concrete materials (manipulatives), and experience frequent review to help students master concepts. Calculators are used AFTER students demonstrate proficient skills. Students in the Junior and Senior grades also learn real life application of math including:

  • personal accounting
  • budgeting
  • taxes
  • stocks and bonds
  • insurance
  • mortgage
  • reading of meters (natural gas/electrical)
  • etc.

To help determine student understanding, weekly evaluations occur.