Would you Consider Partnering with Cornerstone's Ongoing Ministry as a Planter, Grower or Harvester?

Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA) is not supported financially by tax dollars like public schools; students pay tuition to attend. One of the core values of our school is to make Christian Education affordable to the average family who wants their children to attend. Compared to other Christian schools across Canada, tuition at CCA is considerably lower - sometimes almost half the cost. Thank you for considering partnering with Cornerstone to provide affordable Christian Education to children in our community! Your partnership allows us to continue to build a generation of students who love and follow Jesus Christ with all their hearts.

There are three simple ways that you can partner with us to fulfill the vision of CCA:

A Planter is one who makes a one-time donation to the general fund or a specific goal. In 2015, local churches and individuals partnered with Cornerstone to purchase iPads for classroom use.

A Grower commits to monthly contributions. This on-going support greatly contributes to the annual budget.

A Harvester is a church, business or other organization who partners with Cornerstone through either a one-time gift or ongoing monthly support. A Harverster might consider donating $1 a month for each member or attendee of their group.

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