Grades 1-8

• We have high expectations and work diligently with each student and their parents to help
the student reach their full potential.

• The studying of “Phonics Rules”, which began in kindergarten, is reviewed and enhanced
in grades 1 and 2 using the Abeka curriculum.

• Subjects include: Biblical Studies, Scripture Memorization, Oral Reading, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Creative Writing, Grammar, Penmanship, Math, Problem Solving, French, Science, Social Studies, Geography, History, Computer Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Drama, and Physical Education.

• Grade 7 & 8 students learn leadership skills and work with primary students, serving as
reading buddies, lunch room assistants, chapel buddies, etc.

• Grade 7 & 8 students serve in the community in a variety of ways (crafts with seniors,
snow shoveling, raking leaves, etc.)

• Parents can expect 10­-30 minutes of homework daily.

• Canadian Achievement Testing occurs alternating years (Cornerstone students
consistently test well above the Canadian norm).

* It is our goal to prepare our students to be well equipped for all aspects of secondary
school, not only for the academic demands, but it is our prayer that each student have
a solid understanding of who they are in Christ Jesus and that they be a shining light for Him.

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