Shopping Gift Cards

Purchase your gift cards through Cornerstone and not only will you receive the FULL amount for which you paid, but the school will also receive a percentage! We carry many of your favourite retailers.

Buy your gas and grocery gift cards each week.
Purchase a nice gift for a special occasion.
Use gift cards for online purchases.

You can get your gift cards in one of two easy ways! Come into the school office and buy directly from the stocked float OR send your order in with payment for cards not kept in the float on a regular basis. Orders take up to one week for delivery and are placed at least twice a month on Mondays.

Download the gift card order from below to make your order today!

Accepted Methods of Payment: Cash, Cheque, E-Transfer (send to​

Existing Cornerstone families who have been using the Shopping Card Program, will have their tuition adjusted according.
(Fifty percent of the profit is given to the school and the remainder is applied to the following year's tuition of the designated participating family.)


Gift Card Order Form Fundraising Files Download